Scheduled For Surgery – But Frustrated!

Scheduled For Surgery: But Frustrated.
This is an update to my last post regarding my visit here to the hospital. I should be excited to tell you that I’ve been notified that I’m scheduled for surgery tomorrow afternoon and that it is scheduled to be a laproscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder.

However, I find myself a littel more than annoyed and frustrated as to how I came to find out about the scheduling of my surgery. I’m veen in the hospital since all weekend long. I’m not sure who, but someone ordered for me to have a HIDA SCAN test on Sunday morning. When I finally saw a doctor for the first time, Sunday afternoon, I was bummed to find that not only had she not received the results of the of the HIDA SCAN to discuss with me, she wasn’t particularly interested in seeing them. She said she’d prefer to see the result of an MRCP SCAN.

I was told that she needed this test to be run to see if I had a bile duct obstruction. If that were the case, she was going to order and endoscopy and see if they could clear the blockage through with the scope. This would allow them to perform laproscopic surgery rather than an open surgery.

Fast Forward to today. I woke up this morning. They took my blood. I praised God once again for the nurse getting the vein on the first stick. THANK YOU FOR ALL THOSE PRAYING FOR MY NEEDLE ISSUES! A little later, they came and wheeled me off for my MRCP test.

WOW! All I can say is that I’m glad that I’m not claustrophobic. That was really weird! Anyone who’s had an MRI done, it’s basically the same machine. I was told that the results should be ready around noon today (Monday).

Around 1:30pm, a different doctor from the same practice came in to see me. Did she have my test results from the MRCP to discuss with me? NOPE!!!! In fact, she didn’t tell me ANYTHING different than what the doctor told me the day before. If I’m not mistaken, I think she told me that she’d check the the results later and let me know what she found out. Did she? NOPE AGAIN!

Instead, around 4:00pm, an anesthesiologist came in to discuss what I should expect during my procedure that had been scheduled for tomorrow. I asked him, “What procedure?” He said that that I was schedule to have a laproscopic surgery to remove my gallbladder tomorrow (Tuesday) at 2:30pm.

Here’s the thing… I was told that I had because of my blood work and infection that I had when I came in on Saturday, that I likely had a bile duct obstruction. I was informed that both the HIDA SCAN and the MRCP tests were to discover where the blockage was. When discussion with me what my options were, both surgeons that I had seen had said the same thing.

Option A was going to see if the blockage was in a place where it could be reached with a procedure called Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatogram (ERCP). If they were able to successfully remove the blockage by this means, they would then be able to remove the gallbladder as a laproscopic procedure.

Option B was what would happen if they did not feel the ERCP would work to remove the blockage. In this option, they would simply go in and do a full open surgery to remove both the blockage and the gallbladder.

Since no doctor had come in to discuss the results of either the HIDA SCAN or the MRCP, I was SHOCKED to have the anesthesiologist come in and tell me that I was simply scheduled for a gallbladder removal via laprocopic surgery. This is an OPTION C that had not been previously mentioned by either of the two surgeons that I spoke with.

Did they not find a blockage? Did the stone pass and found to be no longer an issue? DId they simply schedule my surgery and forget about the blockage? I have no idea!!!!

So when the nurse came in and asked me to sign my permission form for the surgery, I chose not to sign it. My procedure is scheduled for later in the afternoon, which would allow for plenty of time for one of these surgeons to come and speak to me about what they found from the results of the two tests that they ran and why were are no longer concerned about a bile duct obstruction.

So that is where I am as of right now. I’m “scheduled” for surgery but not going to sign the form until I understand why were are going a different route than had been previously discussed with either of the doctors I’ve seen.

Outside of that. It broke my hear to contact the folks about the Panasonic/Vegas/CES trip to let them know that it is certain that I would not be able to make it to be a part of this awesome opportunity. I’m very sad about it indeed. I’m trusting God to open other doors for amazing opportunities that be yet to discover in 2009 and beyond.

I appreciate the outpouring of encouragement and prayers that you guys are all sending my way.

On a side note… Don’t forget Stephanie in your prayers. She’s a little overwhelmed by her responsibilities with the children and her desire to be here for me. We’ve been blessed by those from our church who have been offering to help by bringing dinners by the house this week and offers to help with the children so that Stephanie can be with me when needed.

We are surrounded by such an awesome community, but locally and globally!


  • JeffInIndy

    Cliff, I would seriously ask to see the Administrator of the hospital. Tell them you feel that

    1) No one taking care of you is talking to anyone else, and

    2) you have needlessly been given tests that were not needed, and that so much time has been wasted, and that it is not right that you have had no say in how your time or money have been spent.

    I don’t have a problem paying for services that I need, but I think that they should have done this in half the time and half the costs so far.

    On another topic, thank God that this didn’t start until AFTER the New Year. Otherwise your deductible would have been doubled.

    We will continue to pray for you and your family, for your finances, and for your projects (Lost Premier included!)

  • techguy

    Cliff I hope for a fast recovery. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I was in tears when I heard the news yesterday. Stay strong and positive.

    P.S. Send Stephanie in your place to Vegas 🙂

  • Karen Schulz

    So sorry to hear about all this and hopefully they can explain things for you tomorrow to understand what is going on. Appears neither surgeon did well on bed side manner and patient relations in medical school. My thoughts are with you and your hopeful speedy recovery.

  • Cliff,
    Man i have been sick myself and have not been following what’s been going on with you! Dude, I’m sorry you have taken ill and the Hosptial has treated you with less than quality care…The didn’t read “How To Win Friends and Influence People”…Also, I am sorry we won’t get a chance to meet in Las Vegas this week. Anyway, new opportunities are already in motion for you. Get well soon…

    PS – I love the Broad Cast Host Unit I just purchased from you. Thanks!

  • Well Cliff, my mom had a tricky bile duct bypass procedure last year. She was really in serious trouble with repeated blockages every few weeks. Now she’s right as rain. My wife just had her gallbladder out literally last month. She had what you had, pain, fever, ect. Her procedure went very well, but she was very sore for quite a while.

    I think you are completely correct to not sign any surgery form until everyone is on the same page. Did doctor 1 even talk to doctor 2?

    Good luck and a speedy recovery to you!

  • Melinda O’Brien

    All of this sounds very frustrating indeed. Hope today goes well, you and Stephanie are in my prayers. This is going to make a great MCL podcast.